Timeline of the recall of MV mayor MacLean

Several Juice readers have attacked the activists involved in the MacLean recall arguing that we should have avoided the recall effort and expense by simply waiting until the Nov 2, 2010 election to vote him out of office.  They argued that the recall date of Feb 2, 2010 was only a “few months before” the upcoming Nov election.

Do they truly believe that a group of activists came together and flipped a switch on New year’s Eve?

Let me begin with verifiable dates starting with Feb 2, 2009 where Lance was served with recall petition papers at the beginning of a televised city council meeting. Ironically that meeting occurred exactly one year prior to the eventual Feb. 2, 2010 Special Election.

On Feb 19, 2009 the Saddleback Republican Assembly approved a Resolution in support of his recall.

At the March 3rd city council meeting SRA president Matt Corrigan asked Lance to resign.

On March 18th City Clerk Karen Hamman approved the Petition to recall Lance MacLean.

On August 24, 2009 13,915 signatures on petitions were accepted by our City Clerk

One fact I shall not provide is the launch date of the successful recall effort. It was well before Lance was served on Feb 2nd 2009. To “spin” a bogus claim that we could have waited a few months doesn’t pass the smell test.

A group of concerned residents met and agreed that we shall work together in this effort. What we did not anticipate was the AOCSD deputy union spending over $100,000 to save his skin yet we still prevailed saving, at that time, roughly $257,000 in lifetime health care benefit costs according to assistant City Manager Irwin Bornstein’s response to councilman Ledesma.

By Friday we shall learn if Lance returns to the arena. As of now we have 15 potential candidates for 3 seats on the Mission Viejo city council. It will be interesting to check everyone’s 460’s on Tuesday August 2nd to see how much the incumbents have raised in “special interest” contributions this year.

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