SAUSD response to 2010 STAR test results is pure spin

Success is the Standard, except when it isn’t…

As I expected, SAUSD Superintendent Jane Russo is spinning the results of the latest STAR test results like a top. As I related in a recent post, we did show marginal improvement in several areas, but our overall scores are weak compared to other districts in the area. We don’t compare well to the school districts in Anaheim and Garden Grove.  Click here to see those comparisons.

Russo does admit, in the midst of her spin, that the “the schools are shy of the new 2010 target.”  Yes they are. In fact our overall results show we are below 50% proficiency in EVERY test category!  Boasting about results at some schools glosses over the cumulative results and is nothing more than hot air emanating from our Superintendent.

Here is Russo’s letter so you can see for yourself what she has to say about the STAR test results:

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