Rancho Santiago Community College District Trustees to run unopposed in November

Running for Community College Districts in Orange County can cost a fortune

For whatever reason, the Rancho Santiago Community College District’s (RSCCD) Trustees are running unopposed this November.  What that means is that John Hanna will be automatically elected in Area 2, and his colleagues Larry Labrado and Phil Yarbrough will likewise be automatically reelected in Area 3.

This isn’t how our system of democracy is supposed to work.  In the case of Hanna, I am glad that he will be serving us once more, as he is a genuinely caring individual and an honorable politician, which is a rare trait in Orange County.

Labrado is the last surviving Latino on the Board.  When former RSCCD Trustee Alfredo Amezcua abruptly quit the board a couple years ago, a lot of us hoped that another Latino would get elected.  Unfortunately his seat ended up going to Mark McLoughlin, a Floral Park resident who was heavily involved in the recall of former SAUSD Trustee Nativo Lopez.  McLoughlin also opposed the opening of a new neighborhood school in his area.

Yarbrough is a partisan Republican who is allied with some of the most conservative Republicans on the OC GOP Central Committee.  He is supported by Mark Bucher’s notorious Education Alliance.

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