PAC and incumbent 460’s are quite revealing

As we can all check out our city and county contribution and expenditure reports for the period covering Jan 1st thru June 30th let me begin by addressing a final score of 7,891 YES and 13,072 NO votes in the June 8th election on Mission Viejo’s Right to Vote Initiative, Measure D.

Those supporting the Measure have reported expenditures of $1366 or $0.17 (seventeen) cents per vote.
The NO on Measure D PAC has reported expenditures of $125,097 or roughly $9.60 per vote.

Of that total $90,750 was contributed by the CA Assoc. of Realtors PAC. The vast majority of their funds came from “special interests” rather than our 100,000 citizens as confirmed by their 460 filing. At the end of the day some elections require more than “grass roots” watchdogs to prevail. Competing against $125,000 in expenditures is a huge mountain to overcome.

Some other tidbits. Four of 15 candidates in Mission Viejo have completed their applications and turned in their final document packages. As I look at mayor pro-tem Democrat Dave Leckness I noticed that he has signatures from several Republicans including two former mayors that we booted out of office in 2002. What surprised me is that in addition to RINO Frank Ury I see that John Paul Ledesma has also signed. I called JP as soon as I returned home to have him confirm directly that he, as a conservative Republican, signed the papers for Mayor pro tem Leckness. JP admitted that he had.
It will be interesting to see how many others complete the process by the 5 p.m. deadline this Friday. As both incumbents have completed their packets there will not be any extension granted in Mission Viejo.

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