Meet the “DFA California Grassroots All Star” – Melissa Fox!


Melissa Fox wins the California DFA Grassroots All Star Contest!

Thank you everyone for your support!

Please help continue this incredible momentum by making a contribution now!

Winning the DFA contest means a tremendous amount to our campaign.

It’s not just a $1,000 contribution from DFA, but it’s also the value of having our message go out to DFA members throughout California.

The response from the OC grassroots was so strong that DFA awarded two prizes, including one to our friend Esiquio Uballe. And our friend Phu Nguyen finished fourth, just a little behind Debra Bowen, our Secretary of State.

Melissa now joins Congressional candidate Beth Krom, who won the National DFA All Star contest, and the overlap between our districts means that we have double the benefit from volunteers and donors across California and the nation.

Something’s happening this Fall in Orange County! We have two great women running for office, while the Republicans have fielded candidates who refuse to talk to the voters and have no new ideas about solving our problems.

We will have some exciting announcements about our campaign in the near future, including a new media campaign that harnesses text messaging and social media to get college students voting in November.

Your help now will help our All Star team continue this exciting campaign!

Thanks again!

The Melissa Fox for Assembly Team

P.S. Over 900,000 voters in Orange County are now registered as Democrats, independents, or with smaller parties, and they are demanding real representation in Washington and Sacramento! Help us keep up the amazing change taking place in Orange County by contributing now to Melissa’s All Star campaign!

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