Last Chance to Bash the Liberal OC? Pile on!

Gustavo’s item this morning got me a little worried. Even though Art is responding to the Liberal OC’s threats and demands with admirable defiance, issuing his own demands for apology, and responding to Dan Chmielewski’s claim of $11,000 a month in lost business, “”It may well be that his clients do not wish to do business with him because he is a gigantic prick and he stalks people,”  this following passage of lawyer Gallinger’s demands gave me pause to worry.

For if Art – God forbids – caves and agrees to this, it will affect the free speech of ALL of us – me, Sean, Art, Bushala, and all you fun commenters!

…”Though the apology will be subject to the approval of my clients, they will not draft it for you,” Gallinger wrote. “Following the finalization of the settlement agreement, they may forward you some points which they think it should include. Additionally, the Orange Juice Blog will also not publish any future posts, or comments from writers, which are derogatory towards my clients with regards to this lawsuit.

Gentle reader, this could mean all our days of bashing Dan, Chris and Co. for being such a boring, predictable, mediocre excuse for a liberal blog – really, as “KenLaysNotDead” loves to say, “channeling the right-wing noise machine” – it could be over within days!  Think of this as an impending apocalypse – what is it you most wanted to say about that allegedly Blue Blog, but were holding back out of common decency?  It is time to let it all out now.

Let me see if I can get it started.  Ahem.  Looks like we beat the Liberal OC Fib OC at their own specialty – quickly copying and pasting the latest Democratic Party press releases – with that last Melissa post.  I guess they’re off their game.  They’ll get to it tomorrow no doubt. Chris musta been just out of his county job out in Long Beach and in no position to use his work computer on taxpayer time, while I imagine Dan was hobnobbing with Matt Cunningham and Marty Wisckoll talking about how much more they have in common with each other than any real activists or bloggers or journalists and waiting for scraps to fall from the mouths of … something something hand jobs …. See, I can’t do it as good as some of you all.  Go for it!

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