Comedy night fundraiser this Friday for Laguna Hills term limits Measure T

CONTACT: Barbara Kogerman, (949) 855-9889, (949) 422-6203 (cell)

20 years is “Totally Laughable!”

Comedy night fundraiser Friday night for Laguna Hills Term Limits “Measure T”

Jim Taylor’s popular “Totally Laughable” comedy night and the Hills Hotel will host a fundraiser this Friday (Aug. 27) at 7 p.m. to raise money for Measure T, the Laguna Hills City Council Term Limits Initiative on the November ballot, Measure T chair Barbara Kogerman has announced.

“Come prepared for a fun night with (clean) local humor,” says Kogerman. “Tickets are only $20 at the door, and the affordable price includes a light pasta dinner.

“This is a celebration for Laguna Hills residents—our chance to say, ‘We did it!’” Kogerman adds.

“Totally Laughable” has been touted by KFI Radio personality Bill Handel as the best entertainment bargain around. “Where else can you have dinner, a great show, and dancing afterwards, for $40 a couple?” asks Taylor. “And for a great cause, too!”

The show features comedians who have appeared on television and concert tours. Friday night’s performance will provide a comedic touch to local issues such the nearly 20-year terms of most current City Council members, and the outrageous $460,000 compensation provided to the city manager last year, including a $60,000 luxury SUV.

Kogerman, known in local press as Barbara “Stir the Pot” Kogerman, wrote the “Orange County, California, City Managers Compensation Report.” She has become a nationally-recognized spokesperson for accountability in local government and has been featured on Fox News several times recently as a commentator on the subject. Her report is widely held as the precursor to the City of Bell expose.

“Look for lots of humor aimed at the local scene,” Kogerman says. “I’ll expect to take my digs, too.”
“Totally Laughable” appears on frequent Friday nights at the Hills Hotel, formerly known as the Holiday Inn, at La Paz and the 5 freeway in Laguna Hills. The Term Limits Committee is gratified that they are dedicating Friday’s performance to supporting Measure T.

Dinner starts at 7 and the show starts at 8. Guests are advised to come early to get a good seat.


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