Bruce Broadwater wants to spend $50 million on yet another Vietnam War memorial

Why don’t we stuff Broadwater and turn him into a memorial?

Fifty million for another Vietnam war museum?  Yep.  On Tuesday during a study session, Garden Grove City Council members unanimously authorized staff members to work on establishing a nonprofit organization and website to help start raising funds for the museum, which is expected to cost about $50 million,  according to the O.C. Register.

Evidently this latest memorial is the brainchild of Councilman Bruce Broadwater, a Democrat who often allies with Republicans.  He loves spending public money on attempts to increase tourism in his city.  He has permanent Anaheim envy.

We already have one memorial in Westminster, at Sid Goldstein Freedom Park.  And Supervisor Janet Nguyen already committed $350,000 to yet another memorial in Westminster.  There is also a memorial to the boat people who died in Vietnam, also in Westminster.

There is a Vietnam memorial in Long Beach.

There is a Vietnam memorial in Berkeley.

There is a Vietnam memorial in Porterville, CA.

There is a Vietnam memorial in Sacramento.

There is a Vietnam memorial in Salinas, CA.

“An estimated 95,000 civilians died in the communist re-education camps, another 500,000 were involved in forced labor projects, which killed 48,000 civilians. Another 100,000 were executed. Finally, 400,000 boat people died while trying to flee Vietnam. This is 643,000 killed during the consolidation of communist rule.  This consolidation ended around 1984, although boat people deaths occurred through 1988. A similar high death toll occurred in North Vietnam during 1950s when the Communists consolidated power in that geographic region,” according to Wikipedia.

So apparently over a million Vietnamese may have died during the war with North Vietnam, and the bloody aftermath.

Over 85 MILLION native Americans died after Europeans came to the New World.  I searched on Google and could not find ANY memorials in honor of Native Americans, here in California.

So should fifty million be spent on yet another memorial, to a war that should never have happened?  I feel bad for the people of Vietnam, but our country had no business getting involved in that conflict.

To make matters worse, Ho Chi Minh was trained and armed by, you guessed it, the U.S. Army.  He was a spy for us against the Japanese.  He later came to us for help in overthrowing the French.  We said no.  He then became a Marxist.  The rest is history.

Same thing happened with Fidel Castro, in Cuba.  We propped up a very bad guy, in Batista – a fellow who overthrew an elected government.  Castro was able to rally the people against our puppet.  American businesses lost over a billion dollars in assets after Castro took over Cuba.  Why did we back Batista?

And the same thing happened in Afghanistan.  We armed and trained the Mujahideen.  Today we call them the Taliban.

Will we never learn?  Will yet another war memorial teach us to stop meddling in foreign affairs?  No and no.

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