Amezcua’s record in banking and business falls far short of Pulido’s

Santa Ana mayoral candidate Alfredo Amezcua has been complaining endlessly about job creation and the state of the economy here in Santa Ana. But how did Amezcua fare when he became accountable for millions of investor dollars, when he started the Santa Ana Business Bank?

Take a look at the chart above. It would appear that Amezcua’s shareholders lost close to half of their investment. Grandpointe Capital paid them $5.96 in cash per share, according to a press release dated June 18. Their shares were initially valued at $9.75 when the Santa Ana Business Bank first opened for business.

The same hubris that led Amezcua to believe that he and a Board of Directors with ZERO experience in banking could succeed in that industry now applies to his mayoral race. He says he can do the job, but can he? Will he run the City of Santa Ana the way he ran his bank?

I criticized Amezcua and his bank when they opened. I said it was bad timing and I was right. Here is what I wrote:

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