Six challengers running for the Irvine City Council

Christopher Gonzalez is challenging Irvine Mayor Sukhee Kang

There are seven candidates running for two seats on the Irvine City Council in this year’s November general election.  The candidates include:

Irvine Mayor Sukhee Kang is also facing a challenge, by businessman/attorney Christopher Gonzalez – the only Latino running for for local office in Irvine.  Gonzalez has vowed to protect “tax dollars and stop the unnecessary spending at City Hall and the Great Park,” which sounds good to me!

Agran’s bio doesn’t mention that he was once arrested, while running for President.  Luckily we saved the picture, which you can see above.

Agran just got his ass handed to him, by our friend R. Scott Moxley, over at the OC Weekly.  Here is an excerpt regarding Agran’s Great Pork, I mean Park:

By his own promises, Agran is now 120 months late and counting. The jackhammer parties haven’t materialized. The runways remain intact. Indeed, except for creating an impressive, if expensive, master design plan, not a single major-project goal has been achieved. There is no park—no soccer fields, no educational facilities, no lake, no garden, no wildlife park, no museum, no cemetery or war memorial—and yet he and his second-fiddle allies on the council, Beth Krom and Sukhee Kang, have already allocated or spent an extraordinary amount: more than $220 million.

Agran also recently got his ass handed to him by the O.C. Grand Jury, which found that:

  1. The terms of one of Irvine‟s park-financing mechanisms will make it difficult for regular payments to be made on a $134 million loan that the City made to its Redevelopment Agency.
  2. The City of Irvine has the authority to cancel the huge park-related debt owed to it by the City‟s Redevelopment Agency before it is fully repaid.
  3. A potential conflict of interest exists because Irvine City Council members also serve on two other city-related governing boards.

The Agranistas: Sukhee Kang, Beth Krom, Larry Agran and Lib OC lawyer Todd Gallinger

This very well might be Agran’s last election.  I find it interesting that NONE of the other Irvine City Council candidates list Agran as an endorser, but you have to figure that some of these candidates, or at least one of them, is allied with him.  Who is it and why won’t they acknowledge that they are an Agranista?  Perhaps our readers might have a clue about this…

The most interesting, and compelling, candidate is Moore, who is only 19 years old but is wise beyond his years.  Here is what he has to say about his campaign on his website:

Unfortunately our city is being misled by a group of well connected politicians more concerned with awarding no-bid contracts than with Irvine’s well being. I could wait a decade or two to run for office, but I can’t live with a clean conscience knowing that the whole time there are people in charge squandering our money. So instead of griping about it, I have decided to take bold action to bring about the change that we so desperately need.

Lalloway has the support of most of the County’s GOP establishment, including Irvine Council Members Christina Shea and Steven Choi, as well as new Supervisor Shawn Nelson.  He told the OC Weekly, “I’m not a Larry Agran-hater.  But I don’t admire his policies and tactics.”

Aksoy is a realtor and a former city employee in La Habra.  He does not list his endorsements but he has over 500 friends on Facebook.

Farivar’s Facebook friends are a Who’s Who of O.C. Democrats, including my friends Sharon Quirk-Silva, John Santoianni and Ron Shepston.  The most interesting tidbit about her is that she has a degree in German literature.  Like Aksoy, she does not list any endorsements on her campaign website.

Mazarji has this to say on his campaign website, “Although Irvine has faired through the economic recession better than the majority of country, Irvine’s economy is still in trouble.”  He’s right!  And it is Agran’s fault…

Schott won a seat on the OC GOP Central Committee in June, in the 70th Assembly District.  She is backed by an assortment of tea party types and other social conservatives.

With this many candidates running, you have to favor the incumbent, however the voters might have had their fill of Agran.  This could in fact be a bad year for him to be on the ballot, particularly in light of the O.C. Grand Jury report I cited earlier in this post.

I would like to see Lalloway and Moore prevail, but I also like what Mazarji has to say on his website.

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