Wishing and Hoping, Republican Style

*Excerpt from a 7/21 Article from – “The Hill” Newpaper on Huckabee Tweeting Chuck DeVore!


Huckabee, who may run for the GOP 2012 nomination, has raised $258,000 so far this year, a figure that places him behind rivals Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin and current Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty.”

Bobby Jindal, Charlie Crist, Newt Gingrich, Bob Barr, Dick Armey and a host of others….all seem primed to step up and to be the next savior of the Republican Party.  Sadly, those named haven’t come up with cogent policy solutions for any of the following: Immigration Reform, Job Creation, Holding the line on Health Care Costs, New Technology, DNA Research for Major Illnesses, Banking Reform, The War on Afghanistan, Holding the Line on Tax Increases for people and families making $62K to $138K as they were under the Bush Tax Cuts or Protecting Personal Privacy.   Making sure that Social Security recipients get their COLA increases, every year!  How about forcing Israel to make Peace in the Middle East with us then backing them up, if the Palistinians fail to keep their part of the bargain?  What are the Republicans going to do with Iran and North Korea again…by the way?

Face it Republican brothers and sisters – we have no candidate that can “take us to the House”!  We can only think of three politicians that even dare to test the limits of probable intelligence.  How about CA Congressman Darrell Issa or Indiana Congressman Dan Burton, or maybe Arizona Congressman John Shadegg!  They all seem to know what questions to ask. These are people that at least make sense.  They can limit their “rhetorical comments” to simple personal attacks.  These guys can at least make sense on the issues, even if we do not always agree with them.  Could they Unite the Republican Party?  The reality is that probably only “Macaca George Allen” and “Doctor Bill Frist” could be fielded as the only viable President and VP team to challenge our sitting President.  The chances of Huckabee or Palin leading the United States in 2012…are slim to none!  Our choices are limited, aren’t they?  We guess we could draft Jim Trafacant…he might even be willing to change parties…now that he is out of jail.  We always loved Jim…hope he is doing well.  Heard he might be running as an Independent for Congress again in Ohio.

The problem is: We don’t want or need “retreads” to lead!  Richard Nixon is not around to kick around anymore!  Too bad….maybe we could get “The Ghost of Spiro Agnew” to sign up and  to review:  “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed – Something Blue!”  The election in November 2010 will not be a huge litmus test for the “Tea Party”, “Conservative Values” or “Viable Solutions to the Nations Problems.  More jobs will still be sent out of this country, HI-B Visas will increase, Prices of goods will be going up, Prices of Real Estate will remain Flat, Credit Markets will continue to flounder and World Peace will not be assured.  Pension Funds will continue to de-leverage!  Taxes and fees may be soon skyrocketing on virtually everything!  So, who should lead us?

The least or minimum we can do as Republicans ( the loyal opposition) is to discover leadership with a “Solid, Articulate, Viable Candidate” that can or could at least challenge the “status quo” and seek, reach and find solutions to “Oil Spills, Corporate Greed and the transfer of Jobs out of the United States forever!  The chances are slim, but we are pulling for everyone….except those of course, that we can’t stand!

*Michael Steele is currently under serious attack, as RNC Chairman,  because Republican donor’s money is drying up.  There is a reason for that….no viable candidates that anyone wants to support.  Even Snoopy or Charlie Brown couldn’t get donations with the present field of candidates!

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