Where is Red Adair?

In 1962 John Wayne did a movie “Hellfighters” about a real American Hero called Paul “Red” Adair.  He was famous at the time for being the first to put out a runaway Oil Well Fire in the Sahara desert.  When Saddam Hussein lit off all those oil well fires in Kuwait and Iraq when he was losing the first Gulf War….Red Adair was a consultant to putting out those fires.  Red Adair passed away in August of 2004.  Where is he now and why can’t someone do what he used to do!



The talk on the street is that the BP Oil Spill might have easily been fixed had they simply exploded/imploded the spill during the first week.  If that truth comes out and is true…what a travesty!  In any event, the next time we have an oil spill in deep water……we better have a better fix than the joke about drilling “two relief wells”, because  that solution is totally unacceptable!  What would “Red” Adair do again? 

Firing Haywood and the Chairman of the Board of BP…is not enough!

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