The Five Pillars of Immigration!

President Obama offered a speech to an audience at American University today which comprehensively addressed our U.S. Immigration problems.  His call for a fix, may be in fact a bit late in the game considering the efforts of Arizona and the ongoing rush by other states to fix what the Federal Government has had no stomach to step up to.  The issues are serious, emotionally loaded and in fact do address the Public Safety of every American….Illegal or Legal.

The following is offered to President Obama from here in the hinterland, which if addressed adequately in forthcoming legislation might be able to quench the many flames of descent.

(1) Require every illegal immigrant in the country today…to immediately register with their local police department.  Their fingerprints need to be taken, their names and the members of  their family – here in the United States.  This could be done in and orderly fashion by making this process over a six month period.  This would be the first step in the Immigration Process.  Failure to Report within Six Months of passage of the legislation – implements a $10,000 fine!  They would be required to report annually during the Registration process!

(2) Require that all illegal immigrants presently serving prison or jail time be “deported” upon their release.  Additionally, any illegal immigrant that engages in illegal activity or becomes a felon during their immigration process Revokes that Immigration Process and Invokes Deportation upon their release.  Membership in any known Mexican Drug Cartel would be considered a violation of the RICO Act and punishable by law and with foreign deportation proceedings during incarceration.

(3) Require that all Businesses in the United States only hire Immigrants that have applied for legal residence in the United States.  Businesses which fail to be sure of those they hire will be fined $10,000 for each offense.  This process also would include an instant background check – which is presently used for Firearm Sales. – For all  those Registered seeking employment.

(4) Require that all Immigrants be required to become Citizens within seven years – This process should include an extensively English language and U.S. History Test.   There should be no exceptions.  They should be able to read Street Signs and obtain a drivers license.

(5) Require that any Family members which want to join Immigrants to The United States, be limited to those immigrants with valid Citizenship, or be actively serving in the Armed Forces of the United States, in a war zone.  Immigrants that have “Anchor Babies” and fail to become Citizens because they are either felons or refuse to Register, should be required to leave the Country until the Child turns 21 years of age.  The Child may then be entitled to re-enter the United States but must be able to speak English and to pass a US History test to receive their Citizenship papers. Family members should be required to meet any and all requirements at the time of application – as well.

President Obama – if you want Immigration Reform – believe!  You will need a true consensus on all of these talking points before the hard discussions can move forward.

We certainly wish you well in that endeavor!

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