Saddleback Valley YMCA Board Chair Rhonda B. Reardon pulls papers in Mission Viejo

The citizen revolution extends way beyond the city of Bell. Longtime Mission Viejo resident Rhonda Reardon has just met with Mission Viejo City Clerk Karen Hamman to commence the process entering the arena as a candidate for the Nov General Election. Rhonda has expressed to me some of her concerns that relate to our out of control project expenditures.
Note: A detailed interview will be conducted after the candidates file their completed forms.

In addition to currently serving as Board Chair of the Saddleback Valley YMCA Rhonda has been active in our community for many years. She served four years as president of the Aegean Heights HOA as well as six years as an elected member of the Saddleback Republican Assembly Board of Directors.

During her 20 years with AT&T (formerly Pacific Bell/SBC) Rhonda held various middle management posts including project manager in their technical/network operations, marketing project manager and project manager in human resources.

Her leadership accomplishments resulted in receiving the coveted President’s award for her successful agreement negotiation efforts. Rhonda brings a positive team building track record that is sadly lacking in our current city council.

Anyone living in Mission Viejo over the age of 18, who is a registered voter, still has a full week to contact City Clerk Karen Hamman if you are willing to serve your fellow citizens by joining the list which would be the largest in our history if the current group each file their completed packets. I would not wait until the last day because you might make an error in the application and not leave adequate time for correcting said mistakes.

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