Republican Charles Hart announces his campaign for Mayor of Santa Ana

Have Santa Ana’s “Usual Suspects” found their candidate for Mayor of Santa Ana?  Charles Hart, a resident of the same Riverview Neighborhood where Julie and Glen Stroud live, has announced that he is running for Mayor of Santa Ana, against incumbent Miguel Pulido.  Here are a few excerpts from his press release, which he released on Facebook:

Hart, who lives in Santa Ana with his wife, three children, and mother, is running for office to improve the safety, quality of education, and economic climate of the city of Santa Ana. His mission is three-fold: shut down the gangs in Santa Ana, improve the area schools, and create a more business-friendly environment, thereby decreasing the unemployment rate in the city.

“I was born and raised in Santa Ana and I remember what Santa Ana was like when the streets were safe enough for kids to play on, our downtown was a fun place for families to visit and shop on the weekend, and the schools were considered a great place to get a good education,” Hart said. “I am running for Mayor to help restore Santa Ana to its greatness.”

But who really is Charles Hart?

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