Register reporter rips the Dream Team students

O.C. Register reporter Dena Bunis published an article this weekend slamming the O.C. Dream Team – immigrant children who grew up here, graduated from public schools and now want a path to citizenship and college.  Here are a few excerpts from Bunis’ diatribe:

But one has to wonder about their tactics. A group of them sat in the middle of the Hart Senate Office Building on Tuesday. Others parked themselves in Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Sen. John McCain’s offices. And still others are staging a hunger strike in front of Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s Westwood office.

Some say what these young people are doing is in the great American tradition of Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement.

There’s a difference. Those who marched in Selma and went to jail for equal rights had the U.S. Constitution on their side.

No one is suggesting that these young people have a legal right to be here.

These kids are heroes. I wouldn’t expect Bunis to get it.  I wonder if she got these talking points from Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez’ office?

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