Obama’s team sues Arizona. What do you think?

Me, I just don’t get a good feeling about this.  I do think SB 1070 will be ruled unconstitutional, it’s a great violation of Americans’ privacy, it can’t help but be enforced in a racially unfair way, there’s no way it’s not racially motivated, it’s gonna tear apart Arizona’s stupid economy and overburden their cops, and I realize it’s going into effect at the end of this month if something’s not done.

But still.  It was also the desperate act of a state in the face of decades of Federal inaction on immigration reform.  Where’s the energy we know Obama can show when he really wants to accomplish something – like twisting arms to get funding for more war in Afghanistan – as opposed to when he pretends to want something – like the public option in healthcare, or maybe comprehensive immigration reform?

Screw the lawsuits, we want reform (with a pathway to citizenship) NOW!

Go ahead, sorry, what were you all gonna say?

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