November’s Ballot Initiatives numbered! YIPPEE!!

On account of I read the invaluable Calitics website, I know the numbers of ten of the upcoming initiatives before my rightwing nemesis Brother Larry does.  And so I share:

Prop 18 is the $11 billion Water Bond, which I’ve come to believe is a big scam that mainly benefits giant agribusiness – even though Jose Solorio and Dianne Feinstein are huge boosters. NO!

Prop 19 decriminalizes, regulates, and taxes pot.  YEAH MAN.

Prop 20 expands the redistricting we approved in 2008’s Prop 11 to Congressional races. I say, let’s wait and see how Prop 11 works out, it hasn’t even gone into effect yet. NO.

Prop 21 is another great YES. Your vehicle registration fee goes up $18 – WAIT, WAIT, you’re not listening – directly funding state parks, maintaining them and keeping them open as in the pre-Arnold days, AND if you have a registered vehicle you get into any State Park free of charge!

Prop 22 YES – bans Sacramento from raiding our local (city/county) funds!

Prop 23 would repeal AB 32 – HELL NO, I will go to the mat with any of you for AB 32, especially you misinformed fools who claim it will cost jobs.  BY THE WAY this initiative is nearly entirely funded by TEXAS OIL COMPANIES.

Prop 24 – YES! – closes some corporate tax loopholes that cost us $1.7 billion a year. Expect big corporations to drown us in SOME kinda scare stories over this all Fall.

Prop 25 – Majority Rule instead of 2/3 to pass a budget, as civilized states do.  Totally yes, come on. This is NOT Majority Rule to raise taxes, don’t worry your little conservative heads about that.  Just look at what this state has to go through each year at budget time, including right now.

Prop 26 – need 2/3 to raise “fees” like we do for taxes.  I say no, you may disagree, I’ll give you a pass on that.

Prop 27 would reverse the previously-mentioned redistricting Prop 11 from 2008. Again, I say let’s give Prop 11 time to see how it works out, so I say NO (the only one I disagree with Robert Cruickshank on.)

SO, Vern says:

Yes on 19, 21, 22, 24, and 25;  No on 18, 20, 23, 26, and 27.

Let the propaganda wars begin!

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