Colbert faces down illegal immigrants. ILLEGAL!!!

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(This video came over the transom with the following letter.)

Reform Immigration FOR America


Tell Congress:

Protect the workers who feed America. Pass AgJobs as a step towards comprehensive immigration reform.'s+new+job&utm_campaign=E100712ANXX

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Would you like a job as a migrant farm worker?

Pundit Stephen Colbert would – he’s agreed to take the United Farm Workers’ challenge to “Take their jobs.”

Anti-immigrant forces have argued that immigrants, particularly the undocumented, have been taking jobs from Americans. Despite studies clearly showing that comprehensive immigration reform would help the American economy, they’ve insisted on using the economic crisis as a way to stall real reform. That’s why UFW – and now, Stephen Colbert – are showing the whole country that farm workers’ jobs aren’t easy.

Everyone who works in agriculture knows that it’s hard work. And because so many immigrants work on farms, Congress proposed the AgJobs bill, which would protect the workers who bring food to our tables by granting them temporary protected status. That status would help keep them from being exploited by farm owners.

Watch Colbert decide to try being a farm worker, and then tell Congress to pass AgJobs .

We can’t let Congress stand by when workers are treated unfairly. Stephen Colbert is doing his part to understand the work farm workers do. Tell Congress to do theirs and pass AgJobs as a step toward comprehensive immigration reform.

Thank you,
Marissa Graciosa
Reform Immigration FOR America

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