A message to President Obama

(Reprinted with permission from Eddie’s Corner, the blog of Eddie Rose, at www.eddierose.org )

I voted for you in 2008.  I did so because you were intelligent, articulate, and above all, not born with the proverbial “silver spoon” in your mouth.  It was indeed inspiring that a person with such humble beginnings could rise to become President of the United States!

I also voted for you because you promised a new direction from the insanity and evil of George Bush and Dick Cheney.  You promised to get us out of Iraq, to not kowtow to the mega-corporations, and to clean up the environment.

What has taken place since you took office has, to say the least, been a major disappointment.  Our troops have not been brought home from Iraq.  Instead they are bogged down in another no-win fiasco in Afghanistan.

The greatest oil spill in our lifetime, the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, has occurred on your watch.  True, this was not entirely your fault.  But you could have taken preventive action to IMMEDIATELY HALT ALL OIL DRILLING off our coastal shores.

You talk tough about the abuses by Wall Street tycoons, AIG, and CEOs with their seven-figure salaries and obscene bonuses, but you still continue to “bail out” these banksters and “fat cats” when they fail under the weight of their own greed.

And now, instead of taking action to secure our Southern borders, yopu are proposing amnesty to allow illegal aliens to remain in this country.  Instead of bring our troops home IMMEDIATELY and placing them on our Southern border where they belong to protect our country from invasion, plunder, and terrorism, you are proposing punitive action against the sovereign state of Arizona for attempting to protect its citizens!

Shame on you, President Obama.  By pandering to special interests, you have lost the support of middle-class America.  You entered office with a mandate to reclaim America, to take back our flag from those who took it hostage.

Both of us are too young to remember, but we once had a truly great President who fought corporate greed, who stood up for the “little guy”, who  believed in protecting our borders, and who wanted to preserve our precious land for future generations.  His name was Teddy Roosevelt!

The Honorable Eddie Rose

Former Laguna Niguel (CA) City Councilman

“A Voice—Not an Echo”

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