Prop 14 Re-Thought

OK, I’ve been away forever and don’t even recognize the place, but must chime in on Proposition 14, which is sort of the abolition of political parties in California. I am voting “YES.”

The number of third party candidates who have been elected in the past four decades under the present system is approximately zero. The third parties are fighting for the right to be irrelevant, and are failing to recognize victory when it stares them in the face. The big debate about third-party votes is the concern over “wasting” your vote. Yet with a nonpartisan primary there are no wasted votes and you always get to make your first choice. If you can’t come in second in June in a free-for-all primary, you have no chance in November in a winnowed multi-candidate selection.

So Quixote tilts at the windmill in June but not in November. How is this a loss? When was the last time anybody had a choice about anything in an election for a legislative representative? Really. Partycrats pick candidates and gerrymandering preserves safe districts.

I really don’t see how we have anything to lose by changing that system.

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