Dana Rohbracher stalks the Mexican consul at Santa Catalina Island

The L.A. Times reported yesterday that Congressman Dana Rohrabacher visited Catalina Island this week, where he harassed the Mexican Consult who was involved in preparing legal matricula consular I.D. cards for Mexican citizens.

The Mexican consul’s office first offered the photo identification cards to local illegal immigrant workers   two years ago, setting up shop for a day in the upscale Catalina Island Country Club restaurant. The matricula cards can be used to establish credit, open bank accounts, buy insurance and apply for government services.

Rohrabacher said a lot of stupid things, including “Where you have illegal immigration, crime and drugs are sure to follow.”

Immigrants are not the ones using the drugs – white Americans are.  Even at UCSB, which is lily white, students are dying of heroin overdoses.

And there is plenty of crime in Rohrabacher’s district that is commited by non-Latinos.

Rohrabacher forced the Consul to move out of a local restaurant, as apparently the restaurant did not have federal approval to host the Consul’s operations.  The Consul then moved to a church.  Rohrabacher followed.  Check out this exchange:

At 10 a.m., Rohrabacher and an assistant strode into the church to personally express his concerns, raising eyebrows. Rohrabacher was greeted by Deputy Consul General Juan Carlos Mendoza Sanchez of Los Angeles in the middle of a room where Mexican specialists were typing information into laptop computers from two dozen men and women seeking their services.

But all eyes were on Rohrabacher and Sanchez, who launched into a carefully worded dialogue, expressing strongly opposing opinions.

Standing inches apart, Sanchez told Rohrabacher, “We have a lot of respect for you. At the same time, we have certain responsibilities.”

Rohrabcher responded: “I understand that. But there is a problem in our country; there are too many illegals here.”

“This is not done with any type of belligerency,” Rohrabacher added, referring to his unannounced visit.

“Everyone has their own point of view,” Sanchez said. “We are performing this activity under international law.”

“Well, that will be decided in Washington and Mexico City,” Rohrabacher said.

This idiot Rohrabacher is stalking foreign dignitaries!  The Obama administration cannot allow that to happen.  And Pelosi ought to censure him.

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