By a split vote MV will negotiate trash removal with Waste Management

Who said this contract was rigged?

After two plus hours of discussion the city council, by a split vote of 3-2, decided to commence negotiations with Waste Management on our new waste removal contract.

Mayor Pro-Tem Leckness made the Motion, seconded by Mayor Kelley to have our consultant, Joe Sloan, begin negotiations and return with a report for the July 5th meeting.  Members Ledesma and Schlicht voting no. Frank Ury joined with the prevailing side.
One area that I do agree with Member Ledesma is setting only 20 percent weight to the cost proposals. He said he disagreed with the pro-forma and felt that cost should be valued at 50 to 60 percent.

At one point JP made a Motion to throw out CR&R even after they were scored second by Sloan-Vazquez who stated having over 25 years experience in this field. He was leaning to Athens and Waste Management. Cathy said the scoring process is corrupt if you throw out Sloan recommendation number two. John Paul said the CR&R bid was non competitive. Who is he to tell any vendor what profit margin they wish to include in their proposals?

So we begin negotiations with the highest bidder whose pricing, over the life of the contract, could approach  $17 more than the lowest qualified vendor. And we call ourselves fiscal conservatives.

In leaving the building CR&R VP Dean Ruffridge told me that “based on our experience at city council meetings, Mission Viejo is not a good match for CR&R.”

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