Arizona now going after babies, but Obama to sue them over S.B. 1070

 The Obama administration is finally going to do something about the Arizona racial profiling law. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton leaked the news in an interview with an Ecuadorean journalist (see the first video above).

Arizona’s hateful Governor responded with predictable anger to the word of the federal lawsuit against S.B. 1070.

But the Arizona nutters aren’t done yet. “Not satisfied with a shameful new law that invites, indeed demands, racial profiling, some Arizona politicians are now pushing for a law that would deny citizenship to babies born in Arizona whose parents cannot prove they are legal immigrants,” according to the New York Times.

For that to happen, Arizona would have to overturn part of the 14th Amendment, which states “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside.”

Arizona has become a Tea Party favorite in this process – but they have already hurt their economy and the list of cities that are boycotting their state is growing every day.  And Mexicans who used to cross the border, legally, to shop, are now avoiding Arizona as well. 

That said, the Obama lawsuit could hurt the Democrats in November.  But it is a good long-term play that will help Obama cement his ties with his Latino supporters.

In related news, columnist Ruben Navarrettee has written a column with his ideas for immigration reform, at this link.  I don’t like most of his ideas as they are too punitive against Latinos.  Here a few excerpts from that column:

  • Provide the Border Patrol with all the tools and equipment it needs to do its job. When I asked a top official in the agency for a wish list, he suggested better-quality surveillance equipment, tunnel detection capability and improved roadways so agents can get to the border that much quicker.
  • Create a tamper-proof ID card that all Americans would carry in their wallets so employers could know exactly who is eligible to work and who isn’t. This way, we eliminate the excuse that employers didn’t know they were hiring an illegal immigrant.
  • Pass a federal “three strikes” law to get tough with employers who repeatedly hire illegal immigrants. First offense, a warning. Second, a fine. Third, jail. And apply the law not just to companies but to homeowners who rely on domestic workers.
  • Create an earned pathway to legal status for illegal immigrants who have lived in the United States for at least 10 years but make it conditional, where applicants pay a fine, undergo criminal background checks and return to their home country to be processed for legal re-entry.
  • Make sure what is awarded is legal status and not U.S. citizenship. In fact, institute a 10-year ban on becoming a citizen for any illegal immigrant who obtains legal status in this manner.
  • Institute a 10-year ban on public benefits for the newly legalized and their children — welfare, food stamps, government-subsidized housing, etc., with the exceptions being public education and emergency health care.
  • For those illegal immigrants who fail to meet the conditions to remain in this country legally, continue internal enforcement measures such as workplace raids — not by local police but by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents — and speed up the deportation process by limiting appeals.  
  • Finally, to relieve pressure at the border, increase the number of legal immigrants admitted to the United States each year from the current level of about 1 million to 3 million, or about 1 percent of the U.S. population. Also, remove the emphasis on family reunification and instead make decisions on who should enter based strictly on the needs of the work force.

My responses to Navarrette’s suggestions:

  • Ending the drug war would do a lot to stabilize our border area.  Americans want to have their cake and eat it too.  They love to use illegal drugs, but then they complain about the border strife.  Either we stop taking these drugs, which isn’t going to happen, or we need to decriminalize the drugs and take the massive profit out of them. 
  • A national I.D. card could become a massive problem for those of us who still prefer to live as a free people.  I really hate this idea.  This could be abused by the wrong administration!  And nothing is tamper-proof.
  • I am OK with giving folks visas instead of citizenship.  I suppose that would be better than nothing.  But I still think that kids brought here at a young age and raised as Americans should have a path to citizensip – which is what the Dream Act would accomplish.
  • Do Latino immigrants really abuse public benefits?  I woud like to see proof of that.  They also pay a lot of taxes that they get no benefit from.
  • I do agree with his last point – allowing only one million legal immigrants per year is ridiculous.  No wonder we have so many folks coming here illegally!

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