Are Bristol Palin and Levin Johnston back together, and does anyone care?

Not that it matters, but the media is in a whirlwind today, with the news that Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol, and her estranged boyfriend, Levi Johnston, are back together.

“A recent report by US Weekly went further, however, claiming the couple was “back together,” citing an unnamed source close to Bristol Palin,” according to ABC.

This is hard to believe, given that Levi has gone out of his way to talk dirt on Sarah Palin, but apparently Bristol and Levi want to do what they can to raise a healthy boy together.

And according to US Weekly, the young parents are even spending nights together at Bristol’s condo, in Anchorage.

Well, I guess that is a happy ending.  But the word in Hollywood is that Levi wants to do a reality show on T.V.  That means he might still find a way to embarrass Sarah Palin.  Nothing wrong with that!  She surely had to be mortified when he posed for Playgirl Magazine…

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