Analysis of the final Orange County Primary Election Results

Our friends at the Bubbling Cauldron blog are reporting that “According to the Registrar of Voters office this morning, all the ballots have been counted and the numbers are final. They will be certified tomorrow.”

The biggest outcome of the election was Shawn Nelsons’ victory in the 4th Supervisorial District. The Chair of the Board, Janet Nguyen, bet the house on Harry Sidhu.  Now she has egg on her face – and might end up being removed as Chair of the Board.  Ouch!

Here are some of the results I am most pleased about:

Gay-bashing O.C. Education Trustee Alexandria Coronado gets the boot!

  Vote Count Percentage
DAVID L. BOYD 38,419 50.7%

* Indicates Incumbent Candidate, if any

Our was the only blog in town that promoted Boyd’s campaign!  Congratulations to him and let this be a lesson to gay bashers everywhere!

Supervisor Janet Nguyen comes in 4th in 68th AD OC GOP Central Committee race

  Vote Count Percentage
* ED ROYCE, SR. (REP) 14,693 11.7%
* KERMIT MARSH (REP) 12,964 10.3%
* MARK MC CURDY (REP) 11,458 9.1%
JANET NGUYEN (REP) 11,329 9.0%
JEFF R. MATHEWS (REP) 11,040 8.8%
STEVE A. NAGEL (REP) 10,962 8.7%
WENDY LEECE (REP) 10,019 8.0%
* TYLER DIEP (REP) 8,223 6.5%
DINA NGUYEN (REP) 8,103 6.4%
JON B. AIKEN (REP) 7,194 5.7%
LORRI BETHEL (REP) 7,029 5.6%
BOB GREEN (REP) 6,862 5.5%
ANDREW DO (REP) 5,976 4.7%

* Indicates Incumbent Candidate, if any

How mortifying!  Supervisor Janet Nguyen came in 4th in her campaign for the OC GOP Central Committee, in the 68th A.D.  And Andrew Do, her former Chief of Staff, who is a Councilman in Garden Grove, came in dead last!  The guy that Nguyen opposed for the 4th District, Shawn Nelson, came in first in his Central Committee campaign.  And so the end of Nguyen begins…

Lupe Moreno ousted from OC GOP’s Central Committee, in the 69th A.D.

  Vote Count Percentage
* CUONG SINH CAO (REP) 3,393 9.7%
* LUPE MORENO (REP) 3,167 9.0%
HARRY SIDHU (REP) 2,902 8.3%
CAM MANGELS (REP) 2,110 6.0%

* Indicates Incumbent Candidate, if any

Orange County Republicans hate Mexicans so much that they ousted Lupe Moreno from the OC GOP Central Committee, in the 69th A.D., even though she hates Mexicans too!

And carpetbagger Harry Sidhu was totally rejected, coming near to dead last.  What about Thomas Gordon, who is also a candidate for the Santa Ana City Council in November?  Gordon came in fifth!  Not a good showing for the guy who collected signatures for Sidhu in this race…

Blogger Allan Bartlett wins a seat on the OC GOP Central Committee, in the 70th A.D.

  Vote Count Percentage
* THOMAS A. “TOM” FUENTES (REP) 20,420 11.4%
* MARY YOUNG (REP) 19,132 10.6%
JOHN WARNER (REP) 16,085 9.0%
JOHN DRAPER (REP) 13,438 7.5%
LYNN SCHOTT (REP) 13,261 7.4%
* ALLAN BARTLETT (REP) 13,178 7.3%
MEGAN “MEG” CARA BARTH (REP) 10,625 5.9%
* DICK NICHOLS (REP) 9,996 5.6%
* JACK WU (REP) 8,381 4.7%
* MATTHEW HOLDER (REP) 7,701 4.3%
ERIK K. WEIGAND (REP) 4,542 2.5%
CAROL PRICE (REP) 3,927 2.2%
NICK WILSON (REP) 2,626 1.5%
ERIN KUNKLE (REP) 2,609 1.5%

* Indicates Incumbent Candidate, if any

Allan Bartlett, the blogger who was booted off the Red County blog this year, hung on to win his re-election campaign for the 70th A.D. OC GOP Central Committee.  Congrats Allan!  Ironically, one of the guys he beat, Scott Voigts, managed the campaign of Don Wagner, for the 70th A.D.  Wagner won, beating out Jerry Amante and Steven Choi.  My guess is that Wagner will now appoint Voigts as his alternate to the Central Committee.

Shawn Nelson runs away with the 4th Supervisorial District

  Vote Count Percentage
SHAWN NELSON 18,739 30.4%
HARRY SIDHU 11,421 18.5%
LORRI GALLOWAY 10,035 16.3%
ART BROWN 9,986 16.2%
RICHARD FAHER 3,873 6.3%

* Indicates Incumbent Candidate, if any

Another race we called!  The surprise was Lorri Galloway not only losing but almost losing to Art “Stinky Pete” Brown too! 

And just like that, Harry Sidhu is done in politics…

Now it is true that Sidhu will face Nelson again in November, but Sidhu will find it hard to get any support now.

Adios to Mexican basher Bill Hunt!

  Vote Count Percentage
* SANDRA HUTCHENS 221,886 52.7%
BILL HUNT 115,567 27.4%
CRAIG HUNTER 83,942 19.9%

* Indicates Incumbent Candidate, if any

I can live with Sheriff Sandra Hutchens.  Nice to see Hunt finished at last.  Mexican-bashing ruined his campaign.

Mission Viejo’s Measure D loses big

  Vote Count Percentage
Yes 7,891 37.6%
No 13,072 62.4%

The Frank Ury coalition took another hit as their odious Measure D tanked.  Kudos to Larry Gilbert and company for stopping yet another bad idea! 

I blew this one!  Just spoke to Larry.  He said Dale Tyler wrote this measure and patterned it after Measure B in Yorba Linda.  The O.C. Register editorial board was against it. 

How did Orly Taitz get so many votes for Secretary of State?

  Vote Count Percentage
DAMON DUNN (REP) 169,852 71.1%
ORLY TAITZ (REP) 69,151 28.9%
ROY V. ALLMOND, JR. (REP) (W) 8 0.0%

* Indicates Incumbent Candidate, if any

Well, the good news is that Orly Taitz is finished, but how did she get almost 70,000 votes?  Unknown neophyte Damon Dunn now gets to lose to incumbent Debra Bowen in November.

Chuck DeVore couldn’t even win in Orange County!

  Vote Count Percentage
CARLY FIORINA (REP) 150,135 53.1%
CHUCK DEVORE (REP) 78,404 27.7%
TOM CAMPBELL (REP) 49,127 17.4%
AL RAMIREZ (REP) 3,495 1.2%

* Indicates Incumbent Candidate, if any

Poor Chuck.  He couldn’t even win in Orange County!  Now Carly Fiorina gets to take on Barbara Boxer.   Good luck with that!

Watch out Loretta!

  Vote Count Percentage
* LORETTA SANCHEZ (DEM) 17,409 100.0%

* Indicates Incumbent Candidate, if any

  Vote Count Percentage
VAN TRAN (REP) 10,706 54.6%
KATHERINE H. SMITH (REP) 5,017 25.6%
TAN NGUYEN (REP) 3,876 19.8%

* Indicates Incumbent Candidate, if any

Ruh roh!  Add up the GOP votes and Van Tran and company got more votes than Loretta Sanchez, in the 47th Congressional Disrict.  Will Latinos vote in November?  If they don’t, Loretta could be done.\

Lucille Kring gets more votes than Lou Correa – reason to worry?

  Vote Count Percentage
* LOU CORREA (DEM) 25,297 100.0%

* Indicates Incumbent Candidate, if any

  Vote Count Percentage
LUCILLE KRING (REP) 25,383 100.0%

I don’t think Correa has much to worry about, in the 34th State Senate District, but his GOP opponent did get a few more votes than him in the primary.  Now if Latinos don’t vote in November, well that could be very bad indeed!

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