Alfredo Amezcua’s campaign website offers no new ideas or solutions

Santa Ana Mayoral candidate Alfredo Amezcua finally has put up some “Issues” on his campaign website

I spoke to Amezcua recently and asked why he had not done more to explain his positions.  He said he was afraid that incumbent Mayor Miguel Pulido would “steal his ideas.”  It is hard to believe that a politician with as much experience as Pulido would resort to such a thing – particularly since Amezcua’s ideas don’t amount to much. 

Here then are Amezcua’s ideas:

Rebuild!…our city’s image by making our streets safe for every resident, in every neighborhood, repairing our streets and broken infrastructure and celebrating the diversity of our community.

Renew!… our public schools by creating and maintaining an ongoing dialogue between parents, students, teachers, the school board and City Hall.

Revive!…our city’s economy by supporting those businesses which we already have, bringing in new businesses that will benefit our whole city and by making Santa Ana an affordable and friendly place for all businesses, both current and new.

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