Young gun David Su takes on Gary Miller in the GOP primary for the 42nd C.D.

Meet the Real Young Gun of the GOP: Korean American, David Su Makes History

David Su, 909-202-2311

LOS ANGELES, May 8th, 2010

David Su is Korean American. At 26 years old, he may be one the youngest minority to ever run for Congress under the GOP banner. David was born in Young San, a US Army base in South Korea where his father was stationed. David came to America when he was a few months old and was raised by his grandparents while both his parents worked to support the family. Here, his grandfather reminded him of why Korea went to war, sharing their homeland’s testimony that bigger government is never the solution and that liberty is an absolute right for every individual. David believes it is time for new leadership, to end Congressional corruption, stay true to conservative principles, and listen to the American people.

So the NRCC has a list of the so called, “Young Guns of the GOP” which is laughable because most of those guys are really old. I know the Republican Party is trying really hard to reach out to the youth, particularly the age group of 21-40, and relate to them some how, but are failing miserably. The party’s old narrow minded idea’s of communicating to the American public is the sole reason why the GOP is dying. The party has been struggling the last eight years, especially since the loss of the last presidential election. The GOP are getting desperate and the flame is barely flickering, almost ready to die out as the wall street journal has pointed out that the Republican party is losing touch with the American base on every aspect, especially with the business communities all across America.

(, article posted on 10/2/2007) Many Americans, especially the youth and minorities feel that the GOP is all about old, racist, rich, white people who are tied with big money, big business, and only help the wealthy. The recent story about the RNC reimbursing a donor for a $2000 bill spent a sex club in West Hollywood as well as Chairman of the RNC Michael Steele spending $340,000 of donor money at a RNC retreat with 33 staffers in Hawaii, during an economic sensitive time does no justice. I know the GOP is supposed to be the party of traditional family values and fiscal responsibility, yet these two events plus many more are destroying the support for the party.

Now, rising amongst the ashes of the GOP there is a small beacon of hope as people like Mark Rubio who is currently running for US Senate in Florida, Congressman Michelle Bachman who constantly stands on her ground of conservative principles rather than playing politics and Senator Jim DeMint who is a man of utmost integrity. These three plus a few are the true reformers of the GOP, fighting to stand on principles and to promote conservative ideology to the American people, especially for the next generation.

David Su at 26 years old, a Korean American decides to take on 6 term GOP incumbent, Congressman Gary Miller in Ca-42nd CD and hopes to join the very few in Washington to help the GOP spread their message, but with something many GOPers don’t have, which is innovation. Some say he maybe the key in sparking the largest movement amongst the youth and minorities, which will bring victory for the GOP to take over the white house in 2012. He is intelligent, has a lot of energy, innovative and brings passion which the GOP currently lacks at this present time. “The GOP had eight years, eight years in the house, eight years in the senate, and eight years at the Presidency. The party’s platform has always been pro small business, pro middle class America, and yet they have accomplished none of these things.” said Su. This young man, already going against the status quo is receiving warm receptions everywhere he goes. “It’s simple really. The reason why people are encouraged by me running for Congress is because I speak absolute truth. I always tell people to look at things objectively and tell them to start asking themselves questions. Question’s such as, ‘What has the party done for you?’ Did the party really accomplish our platform of tackling on social issues such as healthcare, protecting the sanctity of life, or protecting the traditional institution of marriage?’ The answer is clearly no. We got complacent and got nothing accomplished. We lost focus and that was the big problem with the party. My official goal is to get elected and get the job done. I want to outlaw abortion, protect the traditional institution of marriage, cut taxes for small businesses and for middle class America. My goal is to actually accomplish the platform, instead of just saying it.” said Su.

Some of his opponent’s supporters state that Su has no real life experience or yet alone political experience to be even running for Congress. David Su’s response, “First off, I really don’t think you need political experience to know the issues, to know what people are going through, and to come up with common sense solutions. People say that the issues in Washington are complex and therefore I having not enough experience am not qualified to be in such a position. I’d beg to differ. I look at things and break it down into simplistic terms. The only reason why things are complex in Washington is because the leaders make it complex. This is to confuse the citizens and to take more liberties away from Americans. My mission, my objective, my goal is to create accountability within the party itself. I know the GOP needs to become the bigger party, the mature party, the party that will tolerate corruption no more and to take responsibility as well as create accountability for the actions of the members and representatives of it’s own party. The current Republican base are looking to see if they can trust the party again and Americans are screaming out for someone to lead. I know the Republican Party can lead, because we’ve proven it before in the past. I know I can complete this goal.” said Su.

Americans all throughout the country are looking for young individuals like David Su to step up for leadership and to take ownership for the problems this nation is facing today. I feel it’s time for a new face, new leadership, it’s most definitely time for the GOP to let someone from next generation into the party. The GOP needs new blood to continue the legacy of Ronald Regan and Abraham Lincoln. This is crucial to their very survival and with people like David Su, the GOP definitely has a future still looking very bright.

42nd CD includes cities: Diamond Bar, Chino Hills, Chino, Rowland Heights, La Habra Heights, Whittier, La Habra, Brea, Yorba Linda, parts of Anaheim Hills, Rancho Santa Margarita, and Mission Viejo.

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