Work the Polls on Election Day! June 8th

Now, we all get worked up about our individual beliefs that we neglect the very democratic mechanism itself: voting.  Most may grumble and come  up with work or school or whatever to do instead, but I salute those who take up the unsung honor of being a poll worker.

Neal Kelley, probably the most competent public official ever.

I have worked the polls every election since high school, and it is a very interesting experience to say the least; learning about what actually happens to your vote is most intriguing.  It’s also cool to see what characters come in to cast their votes; I’ve had to hush up more than one senior citizen come in yelling about this or that which was ruining our country.  The scale and scope of the logistics required to collect the votes of several hundred thousand people is quite staggering and fascinating.


or for those spectating, Neal Kelley fastidiously updates his twitter w/ amazing statuses on how the various stages of election day are progressing, from disribution to pickup to tallying.

Did I mention a 95 dollar stipend?

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