Will Van Tran and other Viet candidates doom Tom Daly’s campaign?

Van Tran’s supporters are also voting for O.C. Clerk-Recorder candidate Hugh Nguyen

Democrats are only dominant in Orange County in the central area that is represented by the 47th Congressional District, and the 68th and 69th Assembly Districts.  They also have the majority of the Irvine City Council in their clutches, but that has not helped them win any legislative seats in that area.

Can Orange County Clerk-Recorder Tom Daly win again in June without these Democrats?  Not likely.

His Republican opponent, Hugh Nguyen, is supported by the OC GOP and the CRA and he is very popular in Little Saigon.  But his biggest asset may be the other Viet candidates running in June.

Chief amongst them is Assemblyman Van Tran.  In past elections his supporters have shown up by the thousands at the polls, with little slips of paper telling them who to vote for.  This year Hugh Nguyen will be on that list.

Tran is running against another Viet candidate, Tan Nguyen.

And this year, to make matters worse for Daly, another popular Viet candidate is running.  Democrat Phu Nguyen is running for the 68th Assembly District.  He is running against another Viet candidate, Joe DoVinh. 

‘Also running in the 68th, for the GOP nomination, is OC Board of Education Trustee Long Pham. 

Here is where Daly gets slammed.  Supporters of all these candidates may not agree on each specific race, but they will all be voting for Hugh Nguyen.

What about Supervisor Janet Nguyen?  She is a non-factor this year.  She really hurt herself with her attempted take-over of this year’s Black Friday event.  She is not backing any of these Viet candidates and really, wh cares?  She does not matter anymore.

To make things worse for Daly, Viets are now beginning to become a force in other Orange County cities.  Will that be enough to beat Daly?  I think so…

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