What have they done to my booth Ma?

Voted yesterday!  Early voting….isn’t it the best?  You can cruise right in to any local mall or the Registrar of Voters and you are in and out in the flash of an eye!  No long lines on Election Day here!

Whoops!  That was all too yesteryear folks.  Have your heard about all those “Budget Shortfalls affecting the County!”?  Well, they are here!  After a call to the Registrar, we discovered that all those remote locations for Early Voting had been shelved for this Primary vote.  There was just one location to vote early…and that was at the Office of the Registrar.

When we arrived, we were amazed to see no one there.  We walked up and had to fill out the back of our Sample Ballots just to get a Mail in ballot!  What?  We asked what happened to the electronic voting machines?  “Budget Cuts!” was the reply.  Perhaps it was the lack of security too?  Who knows?  We do know one thing and that is:  Filling out the three page form took a lot longer doing it by hand, making sure each block was blacked out.

OK, we voted for Moorlach, we voted for DeVore, we  voted for Wagner, we voted for both Tony’s and Bill  –  but, we didn’t vote for any Sheriff Candidate.  We hated all the Initiatives, except the Earthquake Tax Exemption.   Yes, we did have to hold our noses for a few…who we know will not be there in November anyway!

At any rate, pretty sad that because of Budget Cuts we have moved the voting process back to the dark ages! One word of caution….if you do decide to Early Vote at the Registrar’s Office, make sure you cross every “T” and dot every “I”.  They will throw out any ballot that is off in any way.  The final rumor is that “maybe” on Election Day….the county will have enough cash to offer “Electronic Voting” on that “One Day”!

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