The Voice of OC Speaks

Here’s what the people at the “Voice of OC” think is pressing: Santa Ana tops Anaheim in population. Really? Who the hell gives a damn? The writer tried to make it relevant by noting that some funding is allocated by population. Again, so what? the difference is a few thousand people – and a pro rata share differential is negligible.

C’mon you guys! May we humbly share some real issues? What about the repeated malfeasance by County Clerk-recorder Tom Daly? What about an out of control Children and Families Commission that pays a political operative $200 an hour to hand out toothbrushes? What about the County Cemetery District that paid Anaheim Mayor-for-Hire Curt Pringle $72,000 per year to find a graveyard site? Sweet Jebus, you guys, what’s wrong?

Do you folks really want to be taken seriously, or not?

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