The Passing of Anita Ferguson

Late Sunday night Anita ” ‘slipped the surly bonds of earth’ to ‘touch the face of God.’….Anita Ferguson was not only a trooper, but the power behind the throne of Gil Fergusons’ career in Orange County politics.  Her battle with Cancer over the passed five years has been epic.

To her last day, Anita was busily stuffing envelopes for her “Principles Over Politics” monthly political event at the Balboa Bay Club.  Anita, ever the elegant and class act was always the glowing and vibrant example of what Consevative, Repulican Politics should look like!  Gil and Anita were the first to support our run for Newport Beach City Council in 1994.  The Ferguson positions’ on  both firearm ownership and no new taxes….set the Republican course here in Orange County and the country.  Anita spoke straight and did so often!  Gil’s tour of the California Assembly for ten years included his participation as one of the “Cave Men”…uncompromising Conservative Values and votes – every time.  Anita was key in the support of that effort.

For those blessed enough to recieve “The Famous Ferguson Clan Photo” at Christmas can never forget the beautiful family and the tribute to family values.  To Rhonda and Jay….we can only say:  “Your Mom was truly a wonder and fabulous woman!”  Anita will be missed, even though now she must join Gil – who passed away just three short years ago.

Gil and Anita were a terrific team and both will be remembered , loved and cared about always!  Good-by Anita….we loved you greatly!  To the entire Ferguson Family we send our own personal sentiment of loss and grief – wishing all solace in the fact that Anita was truly “one of a kind”!  The Best Kind – a great and elegant Orange County Conservative Republican!

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