Quang Pham endorsed Van Tran because Janet Nguyen is a bigger threat

Team Janet Nguyen and the Jannies are a much bigger threat than the Trannies…

I was going to ignore the fact that Quang Pham endorsed Van Tran’s congressional campaign today.  However, enough people called and emailed me asking for an explanation that I felt the story needed to be addressed.

Here is what this boils down to – Tran sucks but Supervisor Janet Nguyen is now widely viewed as the far bigger threat. 

I think that is what Pham concluded.  And I think that what this means is that Pham may well end up running against Nguyen in a couple years – and now he will have Tran’s support.

It is true that Pham, for awhile, cozied up to Nguyen when he was running against Tran in the OC GOP primary this year.  But from what my sources in Little Saigon tell me, Pham soured on Nguyen when she, via her henchman Andrew Do, offered to continue to help him only if he ponied up $160,000.

From what I hear, Nguyen’s pals have started their own political consulting company.  I believe that Do is involved and Nguyen’s husband, Tom Bonikowski, may be vested in this mess as well.

I can’t blame Pham for deciding, particularly in the wake of Nguyen’s disastrous attempt to take over this year’s Black April event, that she is not someone he wants to be allied with.

So don’t read too much into his endorsement of Tran.  Pham doesn’t risk much as Tran might win the primary but he will be toast in the general election, against Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez. 

What you want to take away from this is that Nguyen’s days in politics are numbered…

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