O.C. public unions spend $900K ripping Shawn Nelson and shilling for Sidhu

OC GOP Chairman Scott Baugh has made it clear that the Orange County Republicans are not going to support any union backed candidates.  That is bad news for Harry Sidhu, the carpetbagger running for the 4th Supervisorial District. 

To date the two largest public employee unions in Orange County, the OCEA and the AOCDS, have spent almost $900,000 promoting Sidhu, who owns a bunch of El Pollo Loco franchises in south Orange County. 

Click here to see the OCEA expenditures.  Click here to see the AOCDS expenditures.

Why are the unions shilling so much for Sidhu?  The bloody trail leads to Supervisor Janet Nguyen’s office.  She knows that if the conservative candidate for the 4th District, Shawn Nelson, wins, she will likely be removed as Chairman of the O.C. Board of Supervisors.

It should be noted that these unions also spent a fortune promoting the lame Stanton Councilman, Dave Shawver, against Supervisor John Moorlach, a few years ago.  Janet Nguyen supportd Shawver too…

And it should likewise be noted that Janet’s attack dogs at the Liberal OC have been working overtime, along with the OCEA-funded Voice of OC blog, attacking Nelson.

And one of the hacks at the Liberal OC, Chris Prevatt, also works for the County, and is a member of the OCEA.  He was recently investigated for blogging at work!  Prevatt is known for his hacking for Janet Nguyen. 

As for Sidhu, he got his tail feathers plucked when he ran against Mimi Walters for a State Senate seat.  Won’t be many feathers left to pluck this time around!

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