Egyptians have gassed 52 Palestinians

Egyptian authorities have gassed 52 Palestinians in recent months, in their stepped up assault on border tunnels. With the international community calling for an end to border smuggling that delivers weapons to Hamas, Egypt has taken a dramatic step in solving the problem. International Law calls gassing civilians a crime. But have you heard about it in your mainstream media?

My point in this is not that Egypt is taking such deadly action in ending cross border smuggling. But if such a thing had happened to even one Palestinian while Israel was trying to protect its borders? Can you imagine the nazi references? Can you imagine the “gas chamber” references? Once again, you can see what we constantly refer to here as the Government Run Media bias.

Israel = bad. Arab = victim = good. Action taken by Israel = bad. Response = condemnation. Action taken by Arabs = victim. Response = say nothing OR say that Israel is to blame anyway. Hey, its all the Jews fault, right? They wouldn’t be smuggling if Israel weren’t preventing Hamas from their proper role as bombers, right?

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