Did Janet Nguyen’s bungled Black Friday wreck her political career?

Did Janet Nguyen’s bungled Black Friday wreck her political career?

I was wondering how many people showed up to Supervisor Janet Nguyen’s Black Friday event last week.  The O.C. Register was late in reporting the story – they finally posted a story today, but it was from the Orange County Local News Network.  The article claimed that there were 800 people at Janet’s event.

However, my sources say otherwise – and one of our readers chimed in today with a comment that summarized what really went on at Janet’s event.  I suspect that the Register reporter asked Janet how many people were there.  Whatever she said is to be taken with a grain of salt.

That said, Janet was clearly the loser last Friday.  The nighttime Black Friday event drew thousands of people, including State Senator Lou Correa, Assemblyman Van Tran, and the entire Westminster City Council – including Janet’s supposed supporters, Margie Rice and Frank Fry.

Here are the comments about the two events posted by one of our readers:

Supervisor Janet Nguyen has learned a lesson on April 30th, 2010. Even if she advertised on Vietnamese broadcasting radio that free hotdog (99 cents each), free T-shirt, free music CD, free entertainment show with some best singers (actual not true, no famous singers show-up) the turn-out: about 500 – 700 guests, that compare to 3,000 at the same evening event.

Mayor Margie Rice and Mayor Pro-Tem Frank Fry presented in both events. Now they know, where they will get the voters? Ending up the wrong side will cost their seat on the upcoming election.

Janet tried to use her “powerless” to hijack Black April Commemoration from Vietnamese Community, but failed. The angry persons showed up at evening event to send her powerful message: You are wrong.

She claimed on her speech: “I am here to day as a boat people, not OC Supervisor.” However, on the podium her Supervisor logo displayed on the front, plus three OC sheriffs walked with Vietnamese color guards team?

I wonder, Friday is working day. All her staffs: Nick congle, Andrew Nguyen & his wife Pham took day-off or get paid by our tax money? Anyone can answer? This question include other personnel get involved like OC Sheriffs.

Janet Nguyen played dirty trick to gain political power in California Republic Party from Van Tran. But she may need a longtime to gain from her rival strong team. After this incident, she lost everything which Nick congle has built in last 2 years. Her dream on California Senator seat from Lou Correa is collapsed. Poor her on bad plot hijack plan. Andrew Do’s dream on 68th Assembly also gone on 2012.

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