Democrats trap Rand Paul with his own words

Rand Paul is now the number one target of the Democrats

As much as Democrats dislike Republicans, they hate Libertarians even more.  They cannot attack us on social issues, for the most part.  But think about it.  Democrats are all about growing the government.  That is the reverse of what Libertarians are all about.  And let’s not forget that too many Republicans are just as bad as the Democrats when it comes to spending and goverment growth.

But not Rand Paul.  He might be the Republican nominee of for the U.S. Senate in Kentucky, but he, like his father Ron, is a Libertarian at heart.

And now he is in trouble.  He made a classic mistake.  He decided to appear on the Rachel Maddow show even though he had to know it was a trap.

She cited something he had written in the past about the Civil Rights Act.  I heard her interview with him.  What this comes down to is that he thinks the Civil Rights Act violated free speech by not allowing businesses to screw themselves by being racist.

Paul believes that if businesses were racist they would not thrive.  Maybe. But why take the chance?  I am not a doctrinaire Libertarian in this regard.  I have no issue with the Civil Rights Act.  And I fervently believe that racism is still a major problem in these United States.

But is Paul a racist?  I don’t think so.  However he has now been tarred with that brush, by his own words. 

It should be noted that the Republican Party is awash in racism.  Just look at the GOP gubernatorial candidates here in California, Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner.  Both have spent small fortunes trying to become the top bashers of Mexicans.  It is disgusting.  And stupid.  In the end the Democrats will win because California isn’t a state that will tolerate racism.

As for Paul, he might overcome this mess, but I hope he understands that he is the number one target of the Democrats – and the establishment Republicans.  As the figurehead of the Tea Party he is dangerous to both groups.  As a Libertarian-leaning Republican he is enemy number one to the Democrats.  Tough spot to be in.

My advice to Paul and other such nominees is that when folks like Maddow call, blow them off.  It is one thing to meet with newspaper reporters.  It is another to meet with media personalities who have a partisan axe to grind. 

Here in Orange County, I have been giving that advice to candidates with regard to both the Red County and Liberal OC blogs. If they call you, don’t talk to them.  Just blow them off.  They aren’t reporters and you don’t need that kind of trouble.  Just ignore them!  They might get pissed and rip you on their blogs, but hardly anyone reads their B.S., so what’s the harm? 

It is too late for Paul, but if you are running for office, don’t let his fate befall you.  You don’t have to talk to everyone who calls you.  Just blow them off…

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