CRA’s Saddleback Republican Assembly election results

California Republican Assembly

Last night, SRA, the local chapter of the California Republican Assembly, conducted its annual election of officers.

The Mission of CRA includes:

First, Republican Assemblies work to recruit committed conservative activists to become involved in the Republican Party, earning and taking leadership positions within it and displacing RINOs (“Republicans in Name Only”) who do not reflect the overwhelming majority position of Republicans across America.  And we put a lot of stress on earn :  we know that conservatives, while active in election campaigns, have long ignored the party structure in much of America.  We mean to redress that wrong, increase the ranks of activists, revitalize our Party, and turn it into an electoral powerhouse Americans can believe in once again.
Prior to the election Keith Rodenhuis, candidate for Treasurer-Tax Collector, made his pitch to fill the seat currently held by Chriss Street.

Current president Matt Corrigan conducted the meeting which included paper ballots for all offices. Each candidate was given two minutes for their presentations which was followed by Q & A. The votes were tabulated by Mission Viejo City councilman John Paul Ledesma and Karen Litfin.

The new 9 member Saddleback Republican Assembly Board is as follows:
President. Matt Corrigan (serving his second term)
First V.P. Dale Tyler
Second V.P. Mark Dobrilovic
Sec/Treas Kathy Corrigan
Past President Michael Ferrall

Members at Large:
Jack Anderson
Phil Steinhauer
Neil Lonsinger
Dr. Frank Lieberman, Founder, Fun With Chalk

Note: Dr. Lieberman and Neil Lonsinger were elected as write-in candidates.

All seats were filled on the first Ballot.

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