Choi mumbles incomprehensibly, Fox Rocks, at YAL 70th AD forum



Jerry Amante: 'Better to skip a forum and be thought a fool, than to show up and remove all doubt.'

Apparently no OJ bloggers showed up at Monday night’s Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) Forum at UCI for 70th-AD candidates, so we are all relying on reports from our informants, or “pajaritos” as we call them here. And my pajaritos overwhelmingly agree that, of the three Republican candidates, Jerry Amante came off the best by simply not showing up, thus revealing himself as neither a confused, nonsense-spewing, early-onset-Alzheimer’s case, nor a confidently self-contradictory law-and-order propaganda-spouting hack, as his two rivals did.

Choi: D.A.R.E. to keep the children off of the drugs! hey, what's that on my back?


Lightweight itinerant office-seeker Dr. Steven Choi rambled unclearly through a litany of Things He’s Known Since He Was Young:  The widely discredited DARE program is a fantastic way to keep kids off dangerous drugs like marijuana, which he has never tried.  California’s budget crisis can be solved by eliminating “useless commissions,” just as Arnold has been saying for six years.  House speaker Nancy Pelosi is remarkably akin to mass-murdering tyrant Josef Stalin.  At least, I think that’s what he said, it was a little hard to decipher.

Don Wagner: Did somebody say SPANKING??

Deranged wingnut Don Wagner, famed devotee of corporal punishment in our schools, achieved unwanted applause by comparing marijuana legalization to the possibility of legalizing gambling and prostitution.  Lib friends:  Don was not ADVOCATING that! His presentation was also notable for its utterly unselfconscious schizophrenia, as he shifted effortlessly from railing against Sacramento’s supposedly ever-growing wastefulness to bitching about all the recent cuts in education funding.


The fabulous FOX: We may respectfully disagree on definitions of addiction, but I will defend to the death your right to light one up. (VERN PARAPHRASE)

Democratic candidate Melissa Fox stood out from all the others as the only pro-liberty candidate who has a chance of winning.  I realize some purists were disappointed with her “incorrect”  scientific answer about addicition, and have convinced themselves that her pro-decriminilization stance is a “condescending” ploy for their votes, but I remember asking her about the issue when the question was least expected, and she answered straightforwardly without hesitation – it’s obviously what she really believes.

And if you have some quibbles with anything she says, well, here’s your place to voice them, I know she reads this blog and your comments!

Some reasonable points were made by minor candidates who have no chance of winning (Tharp, Glover) but it’s obvious that the best choice for Young Americans who care about Liberty is going to be Melissa Fox this November!


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