Why I am willing to work for chicken

I’m Back!

As part of the new peace agreement in the O.C. blogosphere, I am now going to be cross-posting here.

A lot of folks are asking me why I am supporting carpetbagger Harry Sidhu instead of conservative Republican Shawn Nelson, over in the 4th Supervisorial District, which I don’t live in either.

Sidhu approached me awhile ago and offered to pay me in generous vouchers good at any of his many El Pollo Loco franchises.  He needed my help gathering signatures so he could also carpetbag in the 69th Assembly District, where he is running with me for the OC GOP Central Committee.

I love chicken!  And El Pollo Loco is the best.  I take off the skin and devour entire birds in one sitting.  Very healthy.  So I jumped at the chance to work for chicken!  And my friends in the “Usual Suspects” were all happy to sign Sidhu’s nomination papers.

Nelson is the conservative, but I would only need to help him if I needed a lawyer, such as the time that I got busted for driving on a suspended license, or the time I got arrested on Harbor when I was staking out prostititutes.  I have learned and now when I get busted I just call the guy who helps the Liberal OC for free, attorney Todd Gallinger.

I have also been asked why I am shilling for Tom Daly, who is a Democrat, over Republican candidate for O.C. Clerk-Recorder Hugh Nguyen.  Simple.  I went to the Lee’s Sandwiches owned by Hugh’s uncle and they would not feed me for free.  So now I am for Daly. 

In fact I pretty much am for anyone who Art Pedroza is against.  We might have peace now, but I will still keep opposing anyone Pedroza supports.

It is good to be back on the Orange Juice!

By the way, readers, please let me know if you have a good way to get chicken grease off my keyboard!

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