Tell them to take it elsewhere


I’m spreading the word on this. I think it’s fabulous. I did not come up with this idea. This appeared on the door of a Urology doctor in Florida. It’s a taped sign that reads “If you voted for Obama, seek Urological care elsewhere… changes to your healthcare begin right now, not in four years” I love that! You can download a pdf of this sign for all doctors (any occasion) here. Take it to your doctors and see if they will post it on their door. As unpopular as the Health Care bill was, they probably will. If the screaming meemies come at you, here’s a list of reminders:

  • How the left reacts to a Democratic result
  • There are 30 million new “entitled” patients, who think health insurance is for every hangnail and toy car up the nose. They will be sitting in your doctors waiting room because there aren’t any new doctors to take up that slack.
  • Tell the Heavy Breathers “Sorry, you can’t criminalize political actions.” And they will scream about legalities. Oh will they scream. Remind them a business has as much right to be political as they do. And remember, they can still walk in the door.
  • Only people getting the freebies will get upset. The adults disgusted that their child won’t have to grow up until they’re 26, or those who see their prescriptions rise, or those law abiding adults suffering through this recession who suddenly have to think about paying 17% of their income on this new health care mandate will appreciate it. The doctors know it.
  • If the leftists and radicals succeed in arguing they are entitled to the services of doctors today, how far away are they from insisting they have a right to what you sell or provide?
  • As well, the next time you visit your doctors office, you might take along a stack of reading material about Obamacare with a sign that reads: “This is what the morons in Washington have done to your health care. Take one, read it and vote out anyone who voted for it.”


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