Nelson vs. Sidhu @ OCGOP; Round 2

As promised, I will continue sharing footage of the debate between Shawn Nelson, who lives in our district, and Harry Sidhu, who moved into our district twice just to run for yet another office. For the benefit of our new Friends, Sidhu’s first so called “residence” was at the Calabria apartments on W. Lincoln, where Sidhu committed voter fraud here. His other phony residence is on Lucky Way. Sidhu really lives in Anaheim Hills which is in the 3rd District along with Brea, Yorba Linda, Orange, Villa Park and Irvine.

Both candidates are running in OC’s 4th Supervisorial district special election to replace our current State Assemblyman Chris Norby. The 1st Question from OCGOP Chair Scott Baugh was “How did we get into this (financial) mess?” Ding:

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