Mailhouse Stunt is Meg-a-Bust

Orange County Labor Federation,
California Labor Federation
Contact: Steve Smith, 510-326-4644
For Immediate Release
April 13, 2010

Mailhouse Stunt is Meg-a-Bust

Orange, CA — As Meg wraps up her mega-bucks mailhouse press conference today in Tustin, CA, Orange County Labor Federation Executive Director, Tefere Gebre released the following statement:

“California families will see billionaire CEO Meg Whitman’s slick propaganda mailers for what they are — not worth the price of the stamp she bought to send them.

“Sadly Meg’s mailhouse stunt today reminds us that she’d rather wage this campaign from the plush seats of her corporate jet than have a real conversation with working people about California’s future. She wants to use 1,400 libraries as remote campaign offices, asking these municipal bodies to put her campaign rhetoric on public display. But while counting on public agencies to advance her agenda, a peek inside Meg’s “blueprint” shows a systematic plan to downsize, outsource, and eliminate the jobs of public servants like teachers, librarians and custodians.

“Under Meg Whitman’s governorship, the only thing our kids are likely to read at their local library is a “Closed” sign.”

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