Fullerton City Council Asleep at the HSR Switch?

Jon Dumitru request public hearing on HSR!

Jon Dumitru requested hearing on HSR

I applaud the Orange City Council for taking the initiative here, to discuss State Assemblywoman Diane Harkey’s AB2121. Basically, Harkey’s idea is to pull the plug on the bond financing for the High Speed Rail (HSR) massive boondoggle. Our sources tell us Councilman Jon Dumitru has taken the lead on reviewing this issue.

Hell, the HSR isn’t even proposed to go through Orange, and their council is more concerned about the boondoggle that Fullerton’s is.The route, as proposed could cut a several mile long swath of destruction through Fullerton. And our council doesn’t seem able to even talk about it. Maybe because staff didn’t agendize it first.

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