Californians favor ‘Obamacare’ and ‘amnesty.’

Bad news for the Party of NO! The big expected backlash to March’s health care reform is just not materializing – at least not here in the Golden State where folks are known to have a heart.  “A new Times/USC poll shows voters saying by a 46%-29% margin they would be more likely to vote for a politician who had backed the health bill.” And most Californians believe that “the country will be better off” with the reform.  Note that this is before any of us have actually experienced the benefits of the bill – the tax rebates for small employers who insure their employees, the children with pre-existing conditions who will now be covered, the 21-year-old sons and daughters we can keep on our plans.

This is good news for Senator Boxer – in fact, the poll also shows her at 48 to 34 over a Republican candidate – as well as Loretta Sanchez, whose yes vote was right not just on policy grounds but also politically wise.  I am pleased to note that she is one of the 80+ sponsors of Alan Grayson’s Medicare You Can Buy Into bill – the next essential addition to Obamacare, which will give us a real choice and bring costs down by giving the private insurers some much-needed competition.


Democrats and Republicans are still very polarized on the immigration issue, with the racist party taking a hard nativist line, but of course the good news is most Californians are not Republicans!  A majority of us oppose “denying ER treatment and public schooling to immigrants and their children,” and FULLY TWO-THIRDS of us favor a “path to citizenship” for undocumented immigrants if they pay a fine and learn English – exactly what immigrant bashers like to characterize as “amnesty.”

Loretta’s picture is down here in the “immigration” section of this post, because we don’t want to let her forget that she is Latin American!   As Californians’ opinions on immigration become more and more liberal, Loretta has less and less excuse to refrain from co-sponsoring the Dream Act! Come on, Ms. Sanchez – woman up and get on board!

Together with last week’s news that a majority of Californians now support marriage equality, I think we can say that the Golden State is continuing to move in the direction of progress.  Let’s do our bit in Orange County to get us a more progressive national and state delegation, by sending Hedrick to Washington and Phu and Melissa to Sacramento!

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