CA GOP announces plan to pay up to $5 each for new voter registrations

Too funny!  The California Republican Party has announced plans to buy new voters, since no one wants to willingly join their racist, anti-gay organization.  Here is an excerpt from a press release they issued today, on April Fool’s Day of course.

Citing the opportunities presented by increasing numbers of voters identifying as Republicans, the California Republican Party is today announcing an increase in the bounty paid to volunteer organizations and county Republican committees for registering new Republican voters in California.

The California Republican Party’s voter registration programs have already registered over 100,000 new Republicans in the last few months. To press our advantage, the bounty paid to participating groups for valid, new Republican registrations is being raised to $5 per registration, from the present $3, in the month of April.

Republican volunteer groups, county committees, and Republican candidate campaigns may learn more and apply to participate in the program by visiting the CRP’s dedicated voter registration site.

Maybe they can spend some money buying lap dances for new voters?  That ought to do the trick!

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