CA – 48 Congressional Fundraising: snoozevilles.

The first quarter fundraising numbers are in, and Irvine’s Beth Krom continues to fall far sort of raising enough money to make a serious challenge against  Incumbent John Campbell.

Beth Krom displays a rare moment of numeracy

Beth Krom displays a rare moment of numeracy

For the months of January, February, and March, Campbell raised $949,561 to Krom’s $374,293, leaving Campbell with a more than five times Kroms cash on hand:  $1,031,251 vs $179,676.

Krom has to raise at least a half-million per quarter to be taken seriously, something she has yet to do in any quarter, so expect DC Democratic funding sources like the DCCC, DNC, and Emily’s List to continue to ignore her.

Too bad. Could have been a fun race to blog.  Hopefully the four-way race for AD70 will get lively.

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