AB 2072 passed by the Health Committee and is now headed for the State Assembly

The child in this video regained his hearing thanks to a cochlear implant

UPDATE: Click here to see the latests news on AB 2072 (June 12, 2010)

The Assembly Health Committee voted yes on AB 2072, sending the bill to the Assembly floor.

AB 2072 will allow medical professionals to tell parents of newborns that are categorized as deaf that they have options besides sign language, such as cochlear implants.

The Health Committee voted as follows:

Ayes (10)

  • Fletcher-AYE
  • Conway-AYE
  • Caballero-AYE
  • Emerson-AYE
  • Eng-AYE
  • Gaines-AYE
  • Hayashi-AYE
  • Hernandez-AYE
  • Lowenthal-AYE
  • Nava-AYE

Nays (4)

  • Monning-NO
  • Salas-NO
  • Smith-NO
  • Strickland-NO

Not Voting (5)

  • Ammiano-not voting
  • Carter-not voting
  • DeLeon-not voting
  • Jones-not voting
  • Perez-not voting

The No votes included the Chair of the Committee, Democrat Bill Monning, and two Republicans, Audra Strickland and Cameron Smyth. Imagine that. Republicans against parental choice in education. Unbelievable.

But the bill passed the Committee and is now headed for the full State Assembly. This is an epic fail for the Chair of the Committee, Monning, and his lame Republican allies – not to mention the crazy sign language cultists who don’t want kids to have a chance to hear or to speak without resorting to sign language.

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