YOU can help Bill Hedrick right now – for as little as $1!

Orange Juice friend and South County progressive Bill Hedrick, who’s running against one of the most corrupt members of Congress – Ken Calvert (see my articles here, here, and here) is in a competition over at Act Blue, for a $2500 donation from New York’s Jerrold Nadler!  Right now Bill’s in the lead, but this goes till Saturday the 20th.  All you have to do to vote for Bill is click here, and make a donation for AS LITTLE AS ONE DOLLAR.  Of course the more you donate the better, but that’s good to know if you’re broke – one dollar counts for one vote just as a thousand dollars do.

Let’s  get the progressive money over to Orange County for once, and help Bill catch up with all the dirty money flowing into Creepy Ken’s coffers!  From the Act Blue write-up:

Bill Hedrick is a true progressive Democrat running for Congress against a corrupt, nine-term Republican rubber stamp, Ken Calvert.

  • Bill was the first and only DCCC recognized candidate to come out against President Obama’s troop surge in Afghanistan.
  • He is a champion of the environment and green technology, and is the first candidate challenging a sitting incumbent to be endorsed by the Sierra Club.
  • Bill supports real health care reform and while he would prefer single-payer, will work for a strong public option.

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